Hot shots golf is great if you just wanna have fun or you wanna get competitive. I'm G0 and alot of people tell me I'm never going to be g0 or how to be g0 I used to think the same thing but I decited I was going to practice even if it meant playing with different characters and see who's best or using different gague's or playing every course even LEGACY!!! So many people hate legacy because its hard but if your going to play a tour everybody has to play what your playing so keep practicing even legacy. Personally this is my rule if its gf tour you can play slots if its a grade tour never slots because if u want a fair chance at wining you can be getting bad slots while someone wind on the last hole with a double eagle because they got tornado NOO! Don't play slots unless its gf. That's all for now I will be uploading new stuff every month so check back in and good luck and don't forget PRACTICE!!!

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