There are 5 different shot types in Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational.


Gauge shots are the simplest shot styles, similar to the traditional shot. They are available at the start of the game.

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A power gauge is displayed curved around your character. Slightly before and after the tee, there is an area below the guage that marks the impact spot. Red is too early or late, pink is a regular shot, and the line where theball is is perfect impact. When you press X, a small marker will go up theguage. When it reaches the desired power, press X again, and again atimpact. To putt, watch the guage and press at desired power.


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Circle shots are a little bit harder than gauge shots, but when mastered, is surprisingly easy. Along with gauge, this is available at the beggining of the game. The pink line around the ball marks that the shot is good inside the circle. The tiny white circle marks perfect impact. Inside the red circle is too early or late. Outsied of the red is way off. Different than the gauge, circle uses a shrinking circle to decide impact. NOTE- when the shrinking circle turns green, the shot was too late. White is too early.


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Arrow shots are probably the hardest shot to hit. It uses a gauge and a triangle with a white line in the middle. The colors mean the same as circle shot. To determine impact, an arrow will enter the screen from the right. It will quickly rotate right. Try to get it to line up with the white line.


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Advanced shots are the most unique. Hot Shots veterans may remember this from HSG: Out of Bounds. Though the shot is highly modified. The dark outline represents a gauge as the character's swing. In the last version, the advanced shot was pure guessing. Now it has and actual gauge - like line, a halfway marker, and a power marker. It ends like a circle shot.

The putting is different all the other shots. There will be a round yellow tint that goes forward on the green. Where you think the ball would get in the hole, press X. However, thare is no power marker in this putt.


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Now we are going old school! Tradtional shots are used in all of the Hot Shots Golf games. It is the same as the gauge shots, just in a straight line on the bottom of the screen.

What shot type do you use?

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  • The traditional shot is the only shot that takes the entire swing after the impact is set.
  • Arrow, advanced, and traditional are unlocked throughout the game and eventually is available for purchase in the shop.