Known in Europe and Asia as Everybody's Golf 6, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is the latest released game in the Hot Shots franchise

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
Cover Art
Genre Sports

Realease Dates

PS Vita

Japan: December 17, 2011

Europe and North America: February 22, 2013

PS 3

Japan: November 22, 2012

Europe: July 24, 2013

North America: July 23, 2013

Developer Clap Hanz

Playstation Vita

Playstaion 3


Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is the first Hot Shots Golf game avaible for purchase on the Playstaion Vita. This game was made by Clap Hanz and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The popular franchise has now 6 different games across the Playstation platforms.


There are many controls and factors that effect gameplay.

  • There are 5 shot types in the game that all have different styles to fit your likings.
  • An obvious factor is club types. Certain clubs adjust character attributes. All characters have different strengths and weaknesses that can be improved by clubs and balls.
  • Wind - a crucial factor that sweeps the ball off course, pushes the ball forward, or pushes the ball back.
  • The lie gives a range of possible percentages at the power given. For example, if you have a club that hits 100 yds and the lie is 95%-100%, the ball is going to go somewhere between 95 and 100 yds, hence the % signs.
  • The lie also includes the position. Depending on how sloped the ground is, the more a certain way a ball will sweep
  • Spin also gives a major factor in Hot Shots Golf. See the link.
  • A tool, that is very helpful, is the power markers. These are little flags that pinpoint the exact distance from your ball to the pin. Note that this does not include other factors.


This game has 6 courses...

...along with 3 DLC courses

Each course consists of 18 holes, a regular and long tee (mirror,) and an unlockable caddy (original courses)


There are 13 original chracters...

4 Novice

5 Intermediate

4 Expert

...and 3 DLC characters.

  • Erika (intermediate)
  • Gloria (expert)
  • Kat (expert)
  • Note: the characters with a (*) require you to beat them in challenge mode.*

Each character (excluding Kat) has a regular outfit and aditional outfit with 8 different colors for each outfit. Customization varies by character. You can check out more about them in profile mode.


  • Kat, Pandora, and Izzak's nationality are all unknown.
  • The caddies in this game all appear as small circles on the top left hand side, and never are actually seen on the course.
  • Hot Shot's Golf: World Invitational is the first game to include touch screen features and rear touch pad features as well.
  • If you touch the rear touch pad and the character at tee off, you can pick up your character and move them to the desired tee position. Make the action like you are litterally picking them up and moving them.