Yuna is an original character to Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (6). She is the first female character in the game. She is avaiable at the start of the game. She is a novice character.


Gender            Female

Age                  17

Nationality       Japan

Height              5'2"

Weight             101 lbs
Likes                Her big                                 brother    
Dislikes            Boredom

Born in Japan. 'Face every challenge with an infectious smileHer open, playful nature has won her many a fan. 'An active girl, she likes all sorts of sports and outdoor fun.

                  ~ Yuna's profile, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Shot ReactionsEdit

  • 'Eagle or better': She runs around her club in a playful manner, the grabs it and poses.
  • Birdie: She jumps up in the air, catches a ball, and poses OR jumps and poses
  • Par: She fold her hands and thrusts her hand in delight
  • Bogey: She hold her disappointedly and looks up smiles


Power: D - (230 yds.)

Control: C

Impact: A

Spin: D +

Sidespin: C

Likes: Approach

Dislikes: None

Shot type: Straight (mid)

Original power shots: 6 (18 holes)